My works never end up the way I imagined in the beginning of the creative process because I do not give them a pre-defined idea. I mainly focus on experimentation, the flow and listening to my intuition while working on a project. I always keep my mind open for all the changes and unexpected things that could happen in the process, because from that I dedicate lessons and make use of them in the creation of my works.

       My work process usually starts with fragments from my surrounding that have caught my attention, which I then try to define with different implementations, using different medias; I take photographs, paint, draw, digitalize and so on.

Repetition is always a part of my creation process and it's as if I repeat things to get closer to the core; the repetition seems to be a way for me to understand and explain these fragments/objects I'm working with, and by using repetition I usually get to some conclusion.

       My work process is mostly based on looking at fragments/objects from all possible perspectives and I sometimes discover new perspectives, that I didn't know existed.

I get the feeling of infinity when I'm researching and repeating, because the possibilities for different perspectives seem to be endless, I could continue to interpret and perceive things in all manner of ways; the points of view are countless. And it's this infinity that keeps me going.