A play with perspectives through the repetition method is dominant in my creative process. 

I work in an interdisciplinary manner, challenge the idea of categorization of mediums and take notice of the abstract opposed to the representational. I experiment with different kinds of medium and I focus on what is happening here and now. I emphasize the development process by letting me flow by not having a fully formed pre given idea about the end results, I instead keep my mind open for all the unexpected things that could happen in the creative process and work my way up from them. I like to explore sensitivity and tension in my works as they often contain sensitive and malleable materials and the final results usually consist of site-specific installations. 


I often try to create a dialogue between my works by forming tension between each element. I tend to play with opposite polars in any sense, because there lies a tension I find intriguing and I look at it as a ground base for new thought or an unknown dimension or experience. Through those concepts I focus on world-building and making new meaning. I refer a lot to memory and focus on the concept of it in my thought process, as I see creativity as striving from internal memory-building.

Categorization has been a fascinating subject for me for some time now. I habitually wonder if the act of categorizing art works can affect the viewer’s experience of them. Even though my works are usually a kind of mixture of media, I do not refer to them as “mixed media.” The reason being that I want them to be their own kind by working on the verge of many art forms.