Tvívíður skúlptúr/A Two-dimensional sculpture. @Iceland University of the Arts

Trying to imitate x-rays.
Doctors use radiographs of bodyparts only in search of some flaws with the aim of helping the patient. They look at the details of the radiographs and they are trained to read them to check for some flaws or injuries.
The rest of us don't know how to read these radiographs and we do not necessarily see it when something is wrong.
In hospitals, x-rays are in a hospital world and serve a certain role there, but what happens if we transfer the radiographs from one world to another and change their role?

These photograms were made in a dark room. No camera was used. A half-transparent fabric was placed on a photosensitive paper and few seconds of light was casted on the paper before they were develpoed.

Everything Is Abstract (Group exhibition 'A-z/Allt er viðgerð'). @Landsspítali
Bárur. @Iceland University of the Arts